Photograph by Claire Demos,  Prom Night 2015

Photograph by Claire Demos, Prom Night 2015

Prom Night is an annual party co-hosted by Autotelic Studios, Sixty Inches From Center and The Chicago Perch. This magical night offers Chicagoans another shot at the high school dance—and this time, the chaperones will be more forgiving, fashion-sense more sophisticated and all of the alcohol will be legal. (Sorry kids, this is a 21+ event.)

Among the many features, the night will include the giving of the first Pixtytelic Artist Award (nominated by you), special guest Chaperones who will select the most stylish attendees for the Prom Court, and a parting gift of a curated Prom Night Mixtape of slow-dance favorites selected by our city’s artists, writers, curators and arts organizers.




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