Monthly Gift: THE GOD LION for Edra Soto

To kick off our Monthly Gift initiative,

we are proud to announce

Edra Soto

as our first recipient!


Edra is an artist and wonderful person based in Chicago.

Through her creative, pedagogical,

conversational, culinary, and curatorial practices,

Edra often embodies themes of invitation and offering,

providing nurturing opportunities for communal experience.


This month, we responded to Edra's generous gestures

with an invitation to collaborate on a notebook:


We call it


for Edra Soto.


Edra writes:


Well, my notebook references astro-cosmical, I guess.

7"h x 6"w medium-hard poster board cover.

Soft newspaper pages.

Couple of vellum pages with graphics of palms and lions.

Very bright colors

(emerald green, peachy pale pink, gold.)

God Lion.

Red tropical palms graphics.

I am a Leo,

I am from the tropics,

and green, gold and red

are my alternative primary pallet.

After a few tries, it became obvious that integrating

a representational lion image with the book's design

(and make it look effortless) wasn't going to come easy –

this led to the choice of a thin yellow newsprint as the interior pages

and a thick bright orange paper for endpages

(you know, your typical lion colors).

The palm was etched into a gold aluminum plated piece of paper

and de-bossed into the cover. The cover is largely made up

of a green, stretchable, papery fabric and accented

with a thin burlap cloth and a red vinyl cloth on the spine.


What also became clear as the book came along:

the more bright colors, the better –

this led to the choice of deep blue headbands

and a baby blue binding thread.

THE GOD LION is made up of 80 blank pages

for Edra to fill with her beautiful ideas.



Thank you for inspiring us Edra,

we hope you enjoy.