We are happy to announce


as the recipient of our Monthly Gift of December!


Amy is an author, artist and ambitious maker based in Chicago.


When prompted with the question of what she likes to make,

Amy answers,

“Children’s books. Grown-up books. Short films.

Salads. Connections with the universe.

Something out of nothing. Wishes.”


Through her practice as an author, videographer,

initiator of large-scale gatherings and

participatory public performances,

Amy inspires a rediscovery of wonder, humor and harmony

within the most common and candid of life’s circumstances.


This month, we responded to Amy's heartfelt efforts

with an invitation to collaborate on a notebook:


We call it


for Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Amy writes:

Where I perch myself (be it at my desk, my kitchen table, at a coffeehouse, at the ocean) has a palpable albeit intangible effect on my creative process. I would like my notebook itself to embody various "perches." I like this concept for personal reasons, and for Jeffrey-and-Matt-Perch-reasons. I'm imagining my notebook with all sorts of papers/creative settings such as... * lined paper (school notebook paper, legal pad paper, elementary school paper with the wide lines) * graph paper * pre-printed storyboard pages (you know, with those rounded squares you draw inside) * magnetized paper (what would I create knowing it would ultimately be hung on a metal surface?) * colored papers * paper that was crumpled up and then straightened * paper with printed opaque images of aforementioned environments (coffeehouse, ocean, etc.) * different sized papers–an itty-bitty piece of paper, a piece of paper that when unfolded reveals itself as very large * papers I have not mentioned here but belong in this book because you dreamed them up * plain paper


It was clear that Amy’s notebook would have to be

fully-furnished; unconditionally-uplifting; perfectly-prepared;




kind of notebook.

For this reason, we considered and collated a variety of papers

into each signature before hand-sewing the final piece.

This resulted in a notebook whose potential and personality

change with every turn of the page.

The velcro-sealed envelope on the front cover

was handmade from a floral-print silk book cloth and

filled with a small, crumpled piece of white paper that reads

“I got this.”

Intended to start the notebook off on the right foot –

one of self-assurance and eagerness –

the tiny slip of paper is a relic

from Matt and Jeffrey Austin’s collaboration

From Downtown (We Got This) at the MCA Chicago,

the site where we first met Amy and shared our mutual excitement

for all-things-heartening.


THE ABLE COMPANION is made up of 96 blank pages

for Amy to fill with her beautiful ideas.


Thank you for inspiring us Amy,

we hope you enjoy.