We are happy to announce


as the recipient of our 

Monthly Gift for June! 


Claire Pentecost is a Chicago based artist,

writer, activist, and educator

teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


As a maker, she deftly grounds her work with a sense of place,

both geographically and politically.

As an educator, Claire is a true member of the artistic community:

one that believes in collaboration, honesty,

and a no-nonsense directness, because really,

we don’t have time for extra syllables. 


We hope this journal can be the home for her

 accumulation of many small agencies. 


We call it


for Claire Pentecost.

Claire writes:

I think of a naturalist's notebook

A notebook that i carry in my mobile observatory (anywhere, everywhere)

"....small agencies and their accumulated effects...." is a phrase that Darwin used introducing his book on earthworms (his last). This phrase guides my observations and my efforts

How lovely to find a few pages of vellum in here

pages that have no lines, pages that are a light no-color

a page that lists plants of the riparian ecosystems of the Midwest-- Latin names quicken my heart

a page that lists the names the 12 major soil orders in the USDA soil taxonomy system (alfisols, entisols, mollisols, etc.)

another page would list the international standard taxonomic soil classifications of The World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB).

a turtle

a bird

a flexible cover

Color? rich blues, ochres, cayenne, indigo and pumpkin, like a Persian rug (no pastels)

and at least one pocket to catch loose papers and samples, on the inside of the covers and/or in the middle


Creating a sturdy but flexible cover was an interesting challenge.

The normally used book board has been replaced

by a plastic-coated paper stock,

wrapped in a rich purple book cloth

that has been sanded after wrapping

to give it the feel of suede. 


A pocket was also constructed from this flexible paper stock,

wrapped in a durable, canvas-like book cloth

and attached to the back cover.  


The end pages are designed to mimic a decorative text

but also the tables and charts in the back of a composition book.

A quick reference guide of the WRB soil classifications

and a list of endangered plants native to coastal Lake Michigan.

Additionally, each signature of the journal is headed

with one of the twelve USDA soil orders.


Thank you for inspiring us, Claire,

we hope you enjoy!