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Recently, we announced a new initiative at The Perch:

the Custom Order Perch Notebook.

We'll be featuring some of our notebook collaborations as they happen,

as well as gifting collaborative notebooks monthly. 

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Today, we'd like to present to you

Laura Kerrigan's birthday gift for her boyfriend Mike,

which we now regard as



Laura writes: 

Mike's birthday is coming up and this sounds f***ing perfect for him. For Mike, it should feel like someone charging towards a group of mountains (maybe the Grand Tetons, or Cascades) or running full-on into the ocean without checking to see if the water is freezing cold or not. Something that gives him permission to express himself to his fullest extent. It's not showy, but is a work of art in and of itself, to already get the creative juices flowing.



We ended up stealing a few photographs that Mike had made

from his and Laura's shared blog that documents their move

from Ithaca, NY to their new home in Portland, OR.


Altered versions of these images are what would end up being

the material for the endpages of Mike's notebook.

The simple (not showy) de-bossed mountain graphics on the cover

were made from two cut triangle pieces of book board

and pressed in our nipping press.


Sourced from a paper stash that the University of Chicago's

Special Collections library was getting rid of awhile back,

the notebook contains 128 blank pages

that are now in Mike's hands

and ready for his ideas to fill them.


Thank you Laura for this wonderful opportunity!

And happy birthday Mike!